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Home Fire Relief

Whether electrical fire or cooking fire; it is said that a home fire occurs every 87 seconds. There is never a convenient time for such an experience.  MannaCare Global however, is here to make those moments just a little easier.

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Hurricane Relief

One of nature's most power storms; the hurricane is known for its violent winds and torrential rains. Approximately 5 hurricanes hit the United States per year causing fatalities and destroying homes. ManaCare Global's Hurricane Relief Program is in place to provide perimeters of resources for families who experience such disasters.

Flood Relief

The inconveniences of a major flood can be underestimated. With climate change and a variety of other factors, floods can deadly, cause food shortages, displace families, etc. MannaCare Global is committed to provided resources and assistance for those in need.

What We Do

Disaster Relief

Fight Against Poverty

Food Pantries

Domestic Abuse Services

Homeless Shelter Services

Home Health

Rehabilitation Services

Mentorship Services

Training & Certification

Educational Resources

Professional Development

Holiday Giving

Community Worship

Spiritual Growth & Development

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